3 Days Exclusive Ladies Only Dance Training. 


During this workshop I will share with you my expertise as a national coach and knowledge as a professional dancer and together we will develop both your body and mind through a series of topics:


  • TECHNIQUE: Learn the latest techniques and how to use them to get the most out of your body. You will learn how your particular body functions and how to maximize your individual potential.

  • PRACTICE METHODS: Learn how to rapidly advance your dancing by innovative, proven practice methods and drills. These drills will make you stronger and more effective on the dance floor.

  • FLEXIBILITY AND STRENGTH: Learn a unique series of exercises created specifically to concentrate on the muscle groups required for both Latin and Ballroom dancing.

  • PERFORMANCE: Learn how to bring your own personality to the competition floor and channel those awkward nerves into a sparkling and fulfilling performance.




A 3-days unique experience with me, Kasia Kozak! 

Boot camp is 15 hours total.

There are 5 sessions, each one is 3 hrs long. 

Starting on Friday 4-7 pm. 

Saturday 10am-1 pm and 4-7pm. 

Sunday 10am-1 pm and 4-7pm.

My Boot Camp is definitely fun but at the same time pretty intense, therefore it is limited to 10 ladies only per camp. It is a semi private environment where I have enough time to cover all the topics I feel are necessary to create a full learning experience, as well as, address all questions you have throughout the process.

I do encourage having your questions as prepared as possible so you can get the most out of the workshop.


You will be given a syllabus at the start of the weekend so that you will know what will be covered and have something to take back and share with your teacher.

You will also receive a bag of fun gifts as my token of appreciation.


Anyone can attend my boot camp. 

There is no limitation by style, level or years of experience.

The only requirement is 

you have to be willing to learn, participate and 

want to take your dancing to the next level.



High Heels Boot Camps

are hugely motivational because you will exchange dance experiences with other women just like you and share your future goals with me. 


Outside of studio time, we will be spending a lot of time together during lunches and dinners. These are the moments where you will be able to get to know me better, not just as Kasia the dancer and coach, but as Kasia your friend.



An added bonus I have discovered over the years, is a great sense of camaraderie that develops between the ladies attending my High Heel Boot Camps and sharing the same experience. Many lasting dance friendships have started at my camps! 





"Attending Kasia’s High Heel Boot Camp was one of the best things I have ever done for my dance. Kasia is an amazing teacher and beautiful dancer. She is able to break down fundamental steps and presents in a way that makes so much sense.”


When I was given the opportunity to attend Kasia’s “High Heel Boot Camp” I couldn’t resist. My expectations of Kasia were high because of what I already knew about her talent as a dancer and the quality of her teaching. But what I received during this intense and fun “High Heels Boot Camp” definitely surpassed my expectations! 

Over the course of 15 hours I discovered just how much dancing involves every part of your body working together, and the important role good fitness, confidence, balance, and your own personality play in the making of a quality dancer. You learn much about ballroom and latin dancing while at the same time you gain valuable life lessons. Kasia left nothing uncovered and was very organized in her approach. Not one minute was wasted. And our sore feet and bodies were evidence of that! What’s obvious to me is that Kasia puts her heart and soul into teaching. She brings her world class dance experience, her education, her whole life experience into the boot camp and we reap the benefits. You can’t help but get to know Kasia during such an intense three days where she is “in your face”, yet this was the bonus! She is smart, funny, poised, gracious, and of course, talented. But it’s clear her focus is not on her talent, but on the progress of each lady who attends her boot camp. She addresses our specific needs throughout the weekend - using relevant examples, offering practical tips - and she desires that we leave with a wealth of understanding, encouragement, and confidence in our ability to be strong dancers. This has certainly been true for me! I am grateful to know Kasia and grateful to her for this unforgettable experience!



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