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World Champion

Professional Ballroom Dancer

Transformational Coach

B.A. in Psychology 

World Speaker 


Kasia Kozak is one of the most respected and sought after dancers and choreographers in America. She is a world class judge and national coach working with many of todays top professional and pro-am couples.

She is originates from Poland, where she become Polish Junior Champion and moved to the United States at the age of 16, shortly after becoming one of the youngest professionals in the country. Her perseverance and vibrant personality allowed her to become one of the top dancers in the United States. 


Together with her partners Donald Johnson, Andrew Philips and Louis VanAmstel she has competed, performed and taught in almost every state and represented United States in Europe as well as Asia. She has won almost every competition in the country including the largest Ballroom Championship in North America, The Ohio Star Ball. 

One of the highlights of her brilliant career was becoming one of the first USA couples to win the prestigious Blackpool Open Rising Star Latin Championship. She also became Show Dance Champion and Latin Couple of the year as well as being 6 time US National Professional Finalist.

Kasia was also a featured dancer in the movie, “Dance With Me”, starring Vanessa Williams and Cheyenne.


Kasia’s triumphs and successes as a professional Latin dance competitor represent only a fraction of the positive impact she has had on the world of ballroom dancing in North America.


Through a variety of entrepreneurial projects her goal in her post-competitive career is to share her passion, enthusiasm and knowledge of dancing with as many people as she can.

She is traveling through the country teaching high level competitors as well as their students. She is working on their technique as well as mental preparation while empowering and inspiring her clients. 


Kasia is the master mind and the creator behind seminars for women called “HIGH HEELS BOOT CAMP” where she is working on making them stronger, more independent dancers, as well as, empowered human beings. 


Kasia is a co-creator of the “Move Like a Champion” program. This training teaches principles of dynamic alignment and functional movement through exercises and experimental anatomy. 


She is the creator of Rhythm Syllabus for DIVIDA organization. Instructional videos designed to guide dancers through their very own dance journey.


She is also an inventor of great teaching tool called the ATTITUDE BELT”. This particular device is designed to instantly bring awareness to where your body should be in order to have great posture and alignment while improving your stability and mobility.


In 2016, Kasia became the co-organizer of a one of a kind, iconic dance competition in San Diego, California called the “GREAT GATSBY GALA DANCESPORT CHAMPIONSHIPS”


Kasia’s love for dance and her commitment to making an impact on the world is obvious and extremely contagious.


Thank you - see you soon.

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