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Attitude Belt

Is a great solution to Ballroom Dancers biggest dilemma:

How to create a great posture

and most importantly how to maintain that great posture from the first note of music to the last !​

As soon as you put on the Attitude Belt on you will instantly feel where your body should be in order to have

a great posture and a correct alignment . 


Brings great awareness to the body. It is comfortable to wear when your spine is correctly aligned, however it becomes uncomfortable

if you slip out of correct posture - so you can easily feel when you aren't in a good position and make the correction on the spot!


Is great for travelingespecially on long flights as it helps

your spine stay aligned so that you don't arrive feeling

cramped and uncomfortable!


"I can unconditionally recommend the Attitude Belt which I have personally tried and have had my students work with as well ! As soon as you put it on you automatically engage the muscles required to have and to maintain good postural alignment . It is comfortable and light-weight and really helps not only attain the 'feel' of correct posture but also develop the right set of muscles to enable dancers of any level to gain strength to support correct spinal alignment."

-Tomas Mielnicki "Professional Smooth Champion"

"Thank goodness Kasia Kozak has come up with a solution for those of us who are posture challenged. This attitude belt lets us know when we are drifting from our desired position while keeping us in line at the same time. Thank you Kasia."

-Jane Selfe "Pro - Am Champion", New York

"I feel lifted and my body feels very alert when wearing attitude belt - love this product."

-Serena Kirkland "Professional dancer, teacher" San Antonio

"Thank goodness Kasia Kozak has come up with a solution for those of us who are posture challenged. This attitude belt lets us know when we are drifting from our desired position while keeping us in line at the same time. This can be worn during a lesson with great ease and in my case I also use it around the house because let's face it , When our posture is good we look taller, thinner, and YOUNGER. Great for dancers and for anyone who wants to improve their looks AND help get rid of that nasty back ache. Thank you Kasia."

Jane S. New York

"I’ve always been skeptical of infomercials and the training devices they offered, but I changed my mind after trying Kasia’s Posture Belt. Kasia has developed a belt to wear around your waist that reminds you when your dance posture is less than perfect. Her belt also helps you obtain and maintain the proper technique and movement needed whether you are dancing with a partner or practicing alone. After only a few moments of using it, I could feel her belt reminding me to correct my posture as I was practicing my own dance routines. And best of all, her belt is light and comfortable making it feel natural to wear. The belt is also compact enough so I can carry it in my dance gear bag from place to place. Being a competitive Latin Ballroom dancer, I am convinced this incredible belt is going to help me better prepare for my future competitions. I would recommend Kasia’s attitude belt to anyone wanting to improve their dance posture."

Paty T. San Diego

" I felt I could hold my spine properly and was able to achieve good rib and shoulder separation. Great Product."

Cathy B. San Antonio

"I recently acquired an Attitude belt to help me to achieve the posture and body alignment I know I need for my dancing. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical at first but it has been a tremendous help and I would recommend it to anybody working on their dancing technique!"

Janet Ca - Pro-Am Student

"The Attitude Belt has been a great help to several of my students since we all tried it out during a recent coaching visit from Kasia Kozak. My students often complain that they find it very hard to really feel if they are in the correct body position required to properly execute their steps and routines . The Attitude Belt easily helps to achieve the body awareness they need - it is easy to use and feels totally comfortable when the wearer is aligned correctly but becomes uncomfortable as soon as bad habits reappear ! We jokingly call it The Assistant Teacher!"

Antonio C Houston- Professional Dancer and studio owner.

"When I first saw the Attitude Belt I thought " what a weird contraption" however I decided to give it a try and I am so glad that I did. It is one of the best teaching aids I have ever used and I can honestly say that my posture and therefore my confidence have improved significantly since I started practicing with it on a regular basis!"

Rachel K. Boston Pro-Am Student

"The Attitude Belt is like having your coaches eye on you all the time. It helps achieve perfect posture and connection to your own body as well as your partner. No room for mistakes. It is a constant reminder of what needs to be done and what bad habits you have to break. The Attitude Belt brings a lot of excitement to practice. Creating a competitive attitude to show just how far individually you can push yourself as a dancer."

David And Nataly Shultz - Smooth Rising Star Smooth Champions. CA

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